Skiploader Stolen From Under Residents’ Noses!

This week one of Kelsey Plant Hire’s skiploading dumpers was stolen straight off the driveway of a residence in a leafy suburb in Surrey. Nothing was seen or heard by the homeowner or any of the surrounding neighbours as the nifty little 1 tonne machine was whisked away without further trace.

This event goes to show that the 1 tonne hi-tip skiploader dumper continues to be in great demand. It is used by many, in many different areas of building, farming, civil engineering and landscaping. It’s narrow, compact design makes it most versatlie for working in and out of buildings and on smaller sites such as house extensions.

If you’re thinking about hiring a skip loading dumper you need look no further than Kelsey Plant Hire. Take a look at the dimensions and specifications on our Skip-loading Dumpers page to see just how much easier your work can be when you hire one of these essential little machines.

Incidently, if you should come across our stolen skiploader we would be very glad to hear from you as we would very much like to have it back in our fleet! It is a Thwaites 1 tonne hi-tip dumper painted in non-standard turquoise blue. It’s serial no. is C0189 and it’s fleet no. MD15 is welded on it.