How to move the earth!

When you’re building a conservatory or an extension around the back of a house you can often find that access for plant machinery is almost non existent, sometimes just a narrow alleyway down the side of the house.

One problem encountered when working in a tight space like this will be how to shift the pile of excavated earth or rubble thats been produced. With the 8 cu.yd skip sitting out on the drive you might think that the only option is to use a wheel barrow. This would take many back breaking trips to and fro, not to mention the difficult balancing act up scaffold boards to tip the load into the skip.

Kelsey Plant Hire have the answer with our mini tracked dumpers. These 690mm (2 feet 3 inches) width machines can easily get to through those narrow little places. They carry a labour saving 500kg load whilst only exerting approximately 3.75psi ground pressure (a third that of the average labourer himself at 10psi) – handy when ground conditions become too soft for wheel barrows !!

The really great thing about the mini tracked dumper is that it can easily lift and tip its load directly over the side of a waste skip. Job done!!