A New Year and a new start?

Think GLOW before you GO.

Unfortunately flat batteries and starting problems are very common during the cold winter weather but there are a few ways to minimise the frustration. Kelsey Plant will help you to continue with your project and meet those deadlines through all the diverse conditions British weather can throw at you.

What we do for you: Before our plant goes out on hire to you we routinely check antifreeze levels and strength. Charge batteries. Load test batteries. Check battery cells and replace any batteries with cells that fail to hold a good level of charge.  Check glow plugs and replace any which are worn.

What you can do to help: In cold weather always use the ‘preheat’ (glow plugs) setting on the machine before trying to start it as this will provide the heat needed to speed combustion within seconds. This will minimise the drain of battery power often caused by continually turning over the starter motor whilst the engine is still cold. Also, keep to a minimum multiple stops and starts of the machine with short duration use as this drains the battery with no real chance to recharge.

All of our plant whether its mini diggers, dumpers, rollers or telehandlers goes through a 21 point pre-hire inspection before each and every hire so that you can be sure that our machines are as safe and reliable as they can be………whatever the weather!.