Have you ever experienced the nightmare of HSE site inspections and inevitable site delays when you were unable to lay your hands on that paper copy certificate?

Have you ever wasted valuable time making telephone calls to the hire company, waited even longer for a copy to be emailed out to you and all the while that machine has stood idle – not to mention the operator?

It is a legal requirement for various types of plant machinery to have regular thorough examinations and records of these must be kept and made available upon request. All of our plant machinery which falls under the above regulations is regularly inspected by competent engineer surveyors from Allianz Engineering.

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have confirmed that it is fine to make the reports of thorough examination for our plant machinery available to our customers in electronic form so we have now provided this convenient, easy to use, service within our website.

This then proves that we are completely up to date with all checks on our machinery as the plant hire inspection certificates are all fully up to date.

Take a full look at this information on our website, including the health and safety information for the inspection certificates.