Debris or water in the fuel system will bring a machine coughing and spluttering to a grinding halt. On the outside plant is built to work in tough conditions, but on the inside it’s a precision machine needing the same tender loving care as your car.

Re-fuelDEBRIS IN THE FUEL– It’s very important to exercise care when re-fuelling. Always use clean, dry, sealable designated containers and decanters for use with fuel only. Don’t be tempted to cut corners by using the bucket that’s been kicking around on site and used by the bricklayers all week!

Rumour has it that the machine has a filter for catching all those nasty grains of sand and dirt. This is true to a certain extent, but as soon as that filter is clogged the digger will stubbornly refuse to lift another bucket until you’ve called out the fitter to lovingly replace the affected part and nurse it back to its former circulation………aww, there, there.


WATER IN THE FUEL – Try as they might, the world’s super brains have still not worked out a method of using water to fuel the combustion engine. But,at the slightest opportunity, water has a knack of getting into the machinery fuel system anyway and causing havoc!

It takes a tiny amount of water, only about a cupful, to stall an engine so keep those fuel containers and decanters sealed and out of the rain – difficult in typical British weather, I know!

Also, particularly in cool weather, to avoid the space for condensation to accumulate in the fuel tank always top-up that tank at the end of your working day.

Better to spend an extra 10 minutes at the end of your day than to waste a couple of hours at the start of the next when the machine refuses to run!

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Tracked Dumper HireFor those smaller or medium sized jobs that involve a fair bit of earth or rubble moving, then just make life a little bit easier for yourself. Why spend most of the time digging by hand and moving by wheelbarrow when you can use one of our mini diggers for the excavation and then book your tracked dumper hire for the removal of the earth.

Please call us on 01403 249125 to check which size you need to hire, but we are sure that we will be able to supply what you need. We will make suggestions as to what would fit your needs the best, along with reminding you of some of the aspects you may have forgotten, when finalising your project.

Our tracked dumper hire goes really well with hiring our doorway digger as both will fit into those tighter spaces, but definitely do not need to be done by hand! You can track these machines through a standard doorway and with their low ground pressure and ability to turn within their on length means they can go almost anywhere you need to work.

Don’t forget, we also offer a cashback guarantee, so you really know you will be in safe hands when hiring plant machinery from Kelsey Plant Hire.

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