Keeping Your Project On Track 

Tracks clear of mudWhen time is of the essence and you’re working that digger for every penny the last thing you need is for a track to fail or jump off its rollers.

As strong and robust as the digger might be its Achilles Heel is its tracks. It takes surprisingly little to damage or detach them! We do our very best to ensure that the digger arrives on your site in perfect, safe working order. So, we thought we would share some tips to help you keep on friendly terms with the rubber-booted, workhorse, too.

  • Keep the site clear of debris to avoid it getting into the track grooves.
  • Check the track grooves and clear them out regularly.
  • Overnight, during freezing weather, park the machine up out of the mud and water on timber or a solid surface, where possible.
  • DG506 TC48 Rubber Track Failure (3)No handbrake turns! – Avoid fast, sharp turns, especially on sticky or very soft ground as this can force a track off its rollers.
  • Be aware that excessive use of the blade will put more stress on the tracks than ordinary tracking and digging.
  • Avoid balancing the machine over edges like a high kerb as it can damage the tracks and undercarriage.
  • Also avoid driving the machine with the tracks pressed up against kerbs or other hard step edges.
  • If you need to go up over a kerb or step, use the bucket to help the machine climb up.