Kelsey Plant Hire is pleased to announce that we’ve recently gone hybrid by adding electric dumpers as well as electric diggers to our existing fleet. These new diggers and dumpers are now getting many enquiries as well as bookings.

Electric powered, emission free plant machinery is most definitely the way forward in this day and age and here at Kelsey, we are committed to adding new machines that enter the market. Increasingly projects are coming under pressure to be more environmentally friendly, to reduce carbon footprints, lower emissions and noise pollution and that’s why we’ve added the Electric Skip Loading Dumpers and Hybrid Electric Mini Diggers to the fleet.

The electric skip loading dumpers, both 1 tonne and 1.5 tonne, are perfectly suited for indoor work as they create no air or noise pollution. These versatile dumpers can also be used outside providing that the terrain is solid and gradients do not exceed 15 degrees.

The electric skip loading dumpers are fully electric, highly manoeuvrable, are capable of 8 hours use between charging and have a high-tip and skip loading ability. They are essential for work in hospitals, operation centres, food processing centres and transport hubs such as airports and stations. They are also perfect for projects within or close to demolition sites, shops, shopping centres, places of worship, overnight construction areas and schools.

Hybrid Electric Mini Diggers

Our new mini and micro diggers from Takeuchi, have combined their tried and tested 1.5 tonne class TB216 and micro TB210 with a tried and tested German industrial electric motor. Don’t let the fact that their electric deceive you. These diggers are capable of many hours of work and the diggers themselves have absolutely no loss of digging power.

Both the 1.3 tonne and 1.9 tonne hybrid diggers have excellent increased performance when electrically powered. They are emission free and practically silent when in electric mode. When used continuously, it costs less than £1.00 per hour and are easily switched between diesel and electric maintaining options for use and travel. The 1.3 tonne has the benefit of being able to fit through doorways and both the 1.3 and 1.5 tonne can be used in underground basements, tunnels, enclosed construction sites, factories, warehouses, airports, built-up environments, close to schools, hospitals, internal demolition and urban night work.

If you need some advice on our new electric diggers and dumpers, our experienced team will be happy to chat through your requirements and recommend a model that’s right for you. Give us a call on 01403 249 125, get in touch via our contact form, or drop by to chat to one of our team.

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