Since we upgraded our fleet of diggers to Takeuchi, we’ve noticed that the 3 & 5 tonne machines are often being returned after hire with inoperable horns. On closer inspection we’ve found that the horn has usually been disabled by a variety of non-conventional means, i.e. fuses removed, buttons removed/destroyed and even wiring ripped out of the console.

Unfortunately it costs considerable time and money locating and repairing the cause of silence.

Sometimes, to the hirer, the horn seems to sound constantly for no apparent reason whilst the digger is in operation. This becomes extremely irritating and some hirers will call us to report the ‘faulty horn’ in the ‘stupid machine’ only to politely be given the quick and easy remedy over the phone (and no, its not ear plugs!).

Others unfortunately take matters entirely into their own hands – quite literally!

All that is needed to soothe the ears is to locate the craning switch in the cab and merely switch it back to the ‘off’ position. The switch can, often unknowingly, be knocked ‘on’ causing the offending noise.

Problems With The Takeuchi Digger Horn Problems With The Takeuchi Digger Horn