5 Innovations for the Construction Industry

Tools and Machinery

There are always new and improved tools and machinery being made available for the construction industry. Here are our top 5 innovations that we think you might like:

1 – Our new niche dumper of course! We’ve taken delivery of another 2 tonne Thwaites high-lift swivel-tip dumper. These are rare beasts in the plant hire world, but we have found that for some sites this is the only dumper that will do the job. A typical hire fleet will include 1 tonne forward-tipping skiploaders and 3 tonne swivel tips, but rarely will you find this particular 2 tonne dumper, capable of doing both. Take a look.

2 Tonne Dumper Hire

When you’re in a tight site and need side-on skip-loading capability we have these little dumpers available for you to hire!

If you are interested in hiring this new machine, contact us
2 – Wearable smart sensors
For safety, many building firms are now putting smart sensors in employee’s work clothes including hardhats, boots and other safety gear. These sensors help to keep track of things such as how long someone has been on their feet, if an impact to a hardhat takes place, and body temperature through a wristwatch sensor!

3 – Self-healing concrete
Cracking of cement is a major issue in construction, normally caused by exposure to water and chemicals. Researchers at Bath University are looking to develop a self-healing concrete, using a mix containing bacteria within microcapsules, which will germinate when water enters a crack in the concrete to produce limestone, plugging the crack before water and oxygen has a chance to corrode the steel reinforcement.

4 – Photo-voltaic glazing
Integrated photo-voltaic (BIPV) glazing can help buildings generate their own electricity, by turning the outside of a building into a solar panel. There are companies that provide transparent photo-voltaic glass as a building material for windows, facades and roofs. This can save on on energy bills as well as earn feed-in tariff revenues, and the cost is not a lot higher than traditional glass – construction and framework costs remain, but cladding and shading system costs are replaced.

5 – Online construction review tool
There are cloud-based systems out there for architects and engineers to use in order to keep track of construction projects, specifically, the installations that take place e.g. beams and light fittings. It will also create a PDF of snag items that occur during construction which users can add notes to. Trials of the system have shown possible savings of around 60% compared with the usual paper review methods. Here’s an example