Kelsey Plant Hire are at the forefront of the plant hire industry. Having an already established company with our diesel machines, we also took the big step to start hiring electric machines. And now we have also started to introduce electric compacter plates. Diesel plant machinery is only hired out to customers within a estimated 25 radius of where we are based. There are lots of plant hire companies in the UK, so we don’t feel the need to expand this at the moment. Although we are often asked about hire further afield. But electric machines are offered for hire right across the UK. Due to the fact that they are growing in popularity, but not many companies actually hold them in stock. This means our demand is vast and all these machines will now be seen as far as Scotland, Cornwall or Wales.

Today, companies and projects are coming under increasing pressure to consider the environment. With reduced carbon footprints, less harmful emissions and lower noise pollution. We can provide you with solutions to these problems.We know that electric powered, emission free equipment is the way forward. So we are committed to continually adding to our hire fleet, as new electrically powered machines enter the market.

Hell Fire Caves, Electric Micro Digger Hire

Electric Digger Hire

We’ve invested in many hybrid electric Takeuchi mini and micro diggers, which are proving extremely popular. Takeuchi, renowned for reliability and performance, have produced these ‘user friendly’ high performing hybrid diesel / electric mini excavators. Capable of at least as many hours work as the diggers themselves and with absolutely no loss of digging power.

Our electric diggers can be used anywhere but are ideal in enclosed and tight spaces.  With zero emissions and low noise, this means that the health of your workers will not be compromised, when being operated indoors.

Electric Dumper Hire

Brioche Pasquier Factory, Electric Micro Digger HireOur fully electric dumpers are cutting edge technology designed and manufactured in Ireland by Ecovolve. They are able to operate indoors and outside. They run off rechargeable batteries, capable of a full shift on just an 8 hour overnight charge. Giving off no noise, zero emissions and are highly maneuverable. Having hi-tip, skip loading ability, they are ideal for places where there is high footfall.

Truxta Bendie

Kelsey Plant Hire offer 3 types of electric dumper hire. The TRUXTA BENDie electric powered mini dumper or powered wheel barrow offers an all purpose machine with a choice of attachments. You can choose to have either a 300kg skip to get through minimum 720mm doorways. Or the 450kg skip to fit through minimum 850mm access. Alternatively the electric Truxta can be used with its forward tipping flat bed to transport 450kg of materials into and around site.

Hi-Tip Dumpers

Our all electric skip loading dumpers, both 1 tonne and 1.5 tonne, are perfectly suited for work indoors without creating any air or noise pollution. These versatile dumpers can also be used outside, providing that the terrain is solid and gradients do not exceed 15 degrees.

Ideal for use in buildings such as hospitals, processing or operating centres, transport hubs, where they cannot be closed while work continues.

Electric Compactor Plates

Electric Compactor PlatesThe electric compactor plate we now hire to our customers are heavyweight professional compactor plates with excellent performance and travel speed. They have been designed with an environmentally friendly electric motor for use indoors and poorly ventilated areas. As they are a small unit, these plates are the only electric machine that we do not hire on a nationwide basis.

Please get in touch with Kelsey Plant Hire if you have a need for an electric vehicle for hire. Whether it is for indoor use, or where there are many people continuously working, or perhaps you just want to work with electric. Please call our hiredesk on 01403 249 125, send us an email, or make an enquiry through our contact form.

Electric vehicles are really growing in popularity. Both for cars and vans, but also for plant machinery hire. We look forward to helping you with your project.


Grand Designs plays repeats all the time. So it was good to see the project shown again for the house known as Pavello (Pavillion in Spanish), in Colgate near Horsham. On two occasions did we see our very own Kelsey machines on TV, hard at work on the site of this amazing house.

Completed back in 2015, this 5,533sq ft home of linear steel, concrete and glass, tucked away on a lush 5.1-acre site, still looks amazing. Consisting of five bedrooms, five bathrooms and a sauna, this was one of the largest houses to have ever featured on Grand Designs. The open plan living room, which encompasses the kitchen and a 16ft-long bespoke sofa as well as a casual seating area, actually has space to park four fire engines! Apparently…

It also had underfloor heating, ground-source heat pumps, ventilation which circulates fresh air internally and a geothermal cooling system to pull cool air in during the summer. As well as this, a stunning swimming pool.

Clinton Dall, who designed and built it with the help of a Brighton designer friend, Des Hammond. The father of four, who runs a cleaning company, knocked down the original farmhouse-style home that once stood on the site. The project required 14,000sq ft of tiles and materials, which was enough to build 10 new homes!

As a local company, we would have hoped that we would have been asked to participate on the project, which of course we were. Our machines were used for the groundworks. Always exciting to be seen on TV! And for many years to come hopefully!

According to the ITV News, construction output hit a record high in July, with The UK economy bouncing back and construction output reaching a record high.

On a three-month basis, the services sector grew by 0.6% on the back of a rise in retail and wholesale trading. This was really bolstered by growth in food sales during the World Cup and also the exceptionally hot weather, which kept businesses far busier than usual.

Construction also performed strongly, rising 0.5% in July on the back of stronger than usual growth in housebuilding for this time of year. It sent construction output to a record high, with the sector growing 3.3% on a three-month basis.

Commenting on the figures, the Office for National Statistics’ head of GDP Rob Kent-Smith said: “Growth in the economy picked up in the three months to July.

“The dominant service sector again led economic growth in the month of July with engineers, accountants and lawyers all enjoying a busy period, backed up by growth in construction, which hit another record high level.”

At Kelsey Plant Hire, we have had the busiest summer ever. With the introduction of our range of electric diggers and electric dumpers, our bookings have increased and machines are in real demand. We are now hoping for a mild winter with no snow!

Please call Kelsey Plant Hire on 01403 249125 or email us to check on availability.

Kelsey Plant Hire is pleased to announce that we’ve recently gone hybrid by adding electric dumpers as well as electric diggers to our existing fleet. These new diggers and dumpers are now getting many enquiries as well as bookings.

Electric powered, emission free plant machinery is most definitely the way forward in this day and age and here at Kelsey, we are committed to adding new machines that enter the market. Increasingly projects are coming under pressure to be more environmentally friendly, to reduce carbon footprints, lower emissions and noise pollution and that’s why we’ve added the Electric Skip Loading Dumpers and Hybrid Electric Mini Diggers to the fleet.

The electric skip loading dumpers, both 1 tonne and 1.5 tonne, are perfectly suited for indoor work as they create no air or noise pollution. These versatile dumpers can also be used outside providing that the terrain is solid and gradients do not exceed 15 degrees.

The electric skip loading dumpers are fully electric, highly manoeuvrable, are capable of 8 hours use between charging and have a high-tip and skip loading ability. They are essential for work in hospitals, operation centres, food processing centres and transport hubs such as airports and stations. They are also perfect for projects within or close to demolition sites, shops, shopping centres, places of worship, overnight construction areas and schools.

Hybrid Electric Mini Diggers

Our new mini and micro diggers from Takeuchi, have combined their tried and tested 1.5 tonne class TB216 and micro TB210 with a tried and tested German industrial electric motor. Don’t let the fact that their electric deceive you. These diggers are capable of many hours of work and the diggers themselves have absolutely no loss of digging power.

Both the 1.3 tonne and 1.9 tonne hybrid diggers have excellent increased performance when electrically powered. They are emission free and practically silent when in electric mode. When used continuously, it costs less than £1.00 per hour and are easily switched between diesel and electric maintaining options for use and travel. The 1.3 tonne has the benefit of being able to fit through doorways and both the 1.3 and 1.5 tonne can be used in underground basements, tunnels, enclosed construction sites, factories, warehouses, airports, built-up environments, close to schools, hospitals, internal demolition and urban night work.

If you need some advice on our new electric diggers and dumpers, our experienced team will be happy to chat through your requirements and recommend a model that’s right for you. Give us a call on 01403 249 125, get in touch via our contact form, or drop by to chat to one of our team.


Hybrid Electric Diggers & Fully Electric Dumpers – Emission Free – Low Noise

Increasing environmental pressure and advances in modern technology mean there is talk that the ‘good old’ diesel engine will be phased out over the next 20-30 years.

In the construction industry there is a serious move towards the green spectrum. Big name manufacturers are busy working on prototype fully electric, emission free plant machinery but its going to be a good few years before these will be available in the market.

However, Japanese manufacturer Takeuchi, unveiled their first ever hybrid diesel / electric 1.5 tonne digger, TB216H, in March 2017 and have since added the micro hybrid digger, TB210H.

Features and benefits when plugged in include:

  • Continuous use, with running costs of about £1 per hr
  • Zero emissions
  • No noise
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint

These are the same excellent machines that you are used to hiring from us but these models are dual power. Plugged into 3 phase (or generator up to max 150m away) they switch easily from diesel to electric, becoming emission free, practically silent and with no loss of digging power whatsoever.

Kelsey Plant Hire has taken a bold and forward thinking step. We now have these hybrid diesel / electric diggers in our hire fleet because we know many of you are already having to consider emission free, low noise options on some projects and this pressure will only increase. Whilst these machines are not cheap to hire they add huge environmental value to your bid and could certainly make the difference between winning and losing contracts.

We have also added fully electric 1 tonne skip loading dumpers and tracked dumpers to our fleet for 2018.

Our all electric skip loading dumpers, both 1 tonne and 1.5 tonne, are perfectly suited for work indoors without creating any air or noise pollution.

These versatile dumpers can also be used outside providing that the terrain is solid and gradients do not exceed 15 degrees.

Features and benefits include:

  • Fully electric
  • Zero emissions
  • No noise
  • Highly manoeuvrable
  • Capable of 8 hours use between charging
  • High-tip, skip loading ability
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint

Both the diesel / electric Hybrid mini diggers and the fully electric skip loading dumpers are needed for refurbishment projects and essential for work in places which are in continuous use, for example:

  • Hospitals
  • Operation centres
  • Food processing centres
  • Transport hubs (airports, stations etc)

And perfect for projects within or close vicinity to:

  • Demolition sites
  • Basements
  • Any underground or enclosed site
  • Refurbishment projects
  • Shops / shopping centres
  • Places of worship
  • Overnight construction areas
  • Schools

We are committed to continually adding new technology to our hire fleet as new and more advanced electrically powered machines begin to enter the market. – Watch this space!

To enquire about the hybrid diggers and / or the electric dumpers for hire to London, the South East and anywhere in mainland UK please do contact the hiredesk for a quote. Tel: 01403 249125 Email:


2017 Has begun with the newest fleet of Takeuchi diggers in Sussex

As you may already know, just before Christmas we took the bold step to replace our entire Bobcat digger fleet with brand new, superior quality Takeuchi machines and we now have the newest fleet of Takeuchi diggers in Sussex.

We have already had some great feedback from customers:

Mini Digger Hire in Sussex and SurreyThe machine he was using “Was an absolute pleasure to operate not just because it was new.”

 “Of course I’m enjoying using the new machine, its a Takeuchi, it doesn’t get much better than that”.

Here are some reasons why we chose this brand:

  • Operators love them!
  • Japanese reliability.
  • Robust, quality build.

Years of proven performance, cost effectiveness and endurance whilst on our own hire fleet.

Their safety is recognised throughout the world.

The exterior has been designed to provide a modern appearance, maximum operator comfort and improved service access.

These high-tech machines are user and environmentally friendly and meet international standards.

The excavators have class-leading digging performance.

Micro to 8 tonne, these are the models we now have:

TB210R – Micro Digger (reduced tail swing)

This micro digger delivers big machine performance and features in an extremely compact design. With a retractable undercarriage, foldable ROPS, and minimal tail swing the TB210R can travel through a standard doorway and work in the most confined applications. Once in position the operator can quickly transform the TB210R to a wider stance for outstanding stability. Despite the compact dimensions at the rear, Takeuchi has swapped the previous two-cylinder engine, for a three-cylinder Kubota motor, boasting 11.6hp (8.7kW) and a healthy 36Nm of torque. That’s a 21% increase in power over the previous model, resulting in a 10% boost to both arm and bucket breakout forces.

TB216 – 1.5 tonne Digger with Canopy

The TB216 mini digger provides the operator with a nice blend of power and functionality. It has a maximum dig depth of 2390mm, maximum dump height of 2705mm, and a maximum reach of 4035mm. It also has a ground clearance of 206mm and a tail swing radius of 1074mm. Although not zero tail swing it is a compact excavator, the Takeuchi TB216’s tail overhangs its track by just 424mm.

TB23R – 3 tonne Digger (short tail range)

The reduced tail swing TB23R 3 tonne digger is the ideal machine for tight corners allowing the operator to work right up to walls or edges without the risk of damage to crucial parts at the rear of the machine. Weighing in at just under 3 tonnes, it is easily transportable and capable of offset dig functions to left and right and in a variety of situations. 

Mini Digger Rental in Sussex & SurreyTB228 & new TB230 – 3 tonne Digger

The TB228 compact mini excavator brings operators the most comfortable operation and powerful digging performance. Weighing in at 2900kg the latest Takeuchi mini excavators offer massive operating capacity in a compact sized excavator even in the toughest, tightest working conditions. Performing with massive bucket breakout force the Takeuchi comfortably works well above expectations in their weight class. Designed for maximum operator comfort and easy operation, all the new styled Takeuchis have roomier cabs, adjustable seating and foot room, alongside well positioned controls and maximum 360° visibility. All models are powered by interim tier four engines, meeting all the latest emission and noise requirements essential for on-site health and safety. 

The TB230 offers maximum performance with excellent bucket breakout force of 20.9kN and 12.9kN arm digging force, powered by a 17.6kW Yanmar 3 cylinder engine.
The new TB230 has plenty of power and greater torque along with a well proven, high performance hydraulic system for greater oil flow for faster cycle times and increased efficiency.

Compact in size – the TB230 has a track footprint of just 1450 x 1900mm. 

TB250 – 5 tonne Digger

This compact mini excavator combines comfortable operation with powerful digging performance and offer massive operating capacity even in the toughest, tightest working conditions. Performing with massive bucket breakout force it comfortably works well above expectation in its weight class.
Designed for maximum operator comfort and easy operation, it has a roomy cab, adjustable seating and foot room, alongside well positioned controls and maximum 360° visibility.
Powered by an interim tier four engine which meets all the latest emission and noise requirements essential for on-site health and safety. 

TB285 & TB290 – 8 tonne Digger

The TB290 8 tonne digger weighs in at 8774kg and combines all the proven characteristics of Takeuchi excavators – smooth hydraulics, powerful machine performance and superior overall balance for operating stability.
The TB290 meets the growing demand for a compact Takeuchi operating in the 8 – 10 tonne weight class.  Complete with a new turbocharged engine that develops more power and greater torque along with a well proven, high performance hydraulic system with improved power, cycle times and efficiency the new TB290 is a top of the range high specification excavator built for discerning operators and high quality plant hire.

kelsey2The weather is warming slightly now, tentatively saying that we are slowly starting to receive a few sunnier days than wet days. Even though the weather is still cold it is definitely meaning that spring is right around the corner and we will finally be free of those cold icy mornings, frost on the ground and all that rain we have endured over the winter. So are you starting off a new building project? Now is the time when many jobs can reconvene and really kick off, knowing the weather is becoming more stable and they won’t be halted due to the poor conditions we have suffered over the last few months…

The Kelsey telephones have certainly continued to ring all through the winter, which is very fortunate for us, However they are now becoming very active and our plant hire is busier than normal for this time of year.

From short hires to long term plant hire, we are efficiently juggling our many machines to ensure all customers remain happy and can hire the plant they require. Whether it is one of our many mini diggers, a forklift, or a dumper. We have many different sizes of all machinery, for whatever project you are working on, from small scale domestic jobs to large corporate work.

mini-diggers1Our vast range of telehandlers also means that we can fulfill all requests by our long term customers as well as all the new companies we are meeting along the way.

All the plant hire we offer is designed to make your project just that little bit easier. Whether it is earth removal, installation, building work or groundwork, no task is too huge for one of our machines.

Based in West Sussex, we normally hire throughout Sussex and Surrey, but for longer term hire then we will hire further afield. So if you are starting off a new building project then please call us on 01403 249 125 if you want to make an enquiry.

guarantee_content_smallAnd don’t forget we have our cashback guarantee! Unlike any of our competitors we are prepared to offer a reassuring 2 stage guarantee on any equipment you hire from us. We will give you up to £100 cash if we exceed maximum response times as detailed in our cashback terms and conditions.


We have put together 8 things to consider when hiring a mini digger. These are possibly all aspects of a job you need to think about anyway, so when dealing with the project management of a small construction job, it is always worth taking these into account:

  1. Are there any utility services in the area to be excavated?
  2. How deep do I need to dig?
  3. What is the condition of the area to be excavated?
  4. What do I intend to do with the excavated material?
  5. Are there any access or work area restrictions?
  6. How long is the project likely to take?
  7. How much will the hire cost?
  8. Will I need insurance?

mini-diggers1) Are there any utility services in the area to be excavated?

When planning any work involving digging, remember that fibre optic communication cables, gas pipes, power cables, water pipes and sewers all run underground – and may be right in the path of your project. It’s vital for safety and ongoing maintenance that these services are located at the planning stage of your project to avoid any nasty or costly surprises during the digging phase. Tools such as cable detectors should be used and ensure you check with the utility companies before you start work.

2) How deep do I need to dig?

How deep you need to dig is governed mostly by what you are actually trying to achieve. If you are trying to level a garden or prepare footings for a conservatory your digging needs will be very different to someone building a basement extension or a swimming pool with an eight foot deep end.

Our fleet of mini excavators cater for a range of maximum digging depths from 1800mm achieved by our micro diggers to a deep 4675mm reached by our 8 tonne midis.

Bucket sizes and digging widths need to be considered. For example, if you need to dig a trench which only requires a 6″ (150mm) cut you’ll need a digger of no more than 3 tonne because any larger than this the bucket linkage or quickhitch is too wide to accommodate such a small bucket.

3) What is the ground condition of the area to be excavated?

When hiring a digger it’s important to know what ground conditions you are going to tackle. For example, if the ground is very soft you will need to dig deeper footings than if it were very firm and therefore the digging depth may dictate that a larger digger with greater digging depth is required.

If the ground is very, very hard or the soil is heavy and sticky with clay you may find that you need a 3 tonne mini excavator with a typical bucket digging force of 22kN instead of a 1.5 tonne digger at approximately 16kN.

Also, if you need to break up and remove any surface material such as tarmac or concrete you may find that you’ll need to consider hiring a breaker (hydraulic hammer) attachment.

mini-diggers14) What do I intend to do with the excavated material?

Digging holes displaces the soil (or other materials) and it all needs to go somewhere. You may find that you can place the dug material somewhere else on your site. This can be particularly easy when landscaping, but not always possible or desired on other projects or small plots. Perhaps you can manage with just a waste skip or perhaps you would find it much quicker and easier by hiring a skiploading dumper or better still mini tracked dumper. Both machines can be loaded by the digger with about a tonne of material at a time and then can empty directly into a skip.

5) Are there any access or work area restrictions?

Size matters, or at least it certainly does sometimes! Check the access to your project. How much room do you have available within the work area? Are there any height restrictions? If you need to gain access to the rear of an existing property it maybe that your only option is the micro digger with it’s retracted tracks width of only 710mm. Also, give some thought to the road system surrounding the project, too. If the route to you is via a winding single track or your project is directly opposite a school or road works it is useful to pass on this information at the time of booking your hire in order to avoid transport delays.

6) How long is the project likely to take?

When you book your hire you will be asked how long you want to hire the mini digger for. This only needs to be an estimate as we never collect machines from site automatically, but obviously the longer you keep it the more it will cost. It’s a good idea to plan all the elements of your project that require the use of the mini excavator to be done within one time frame. However, it’s not often possible to achieve this, so it’s important to weigh up the difference in costs between sending the machine away to hire it again when it’s needed and keeping it tucked away on site for a day or two until it’s required again.

The weather – now there’s an unknown quantity! Bear in mind that rain, frost and snow will delay your project considerably.

7) How much will the hire cost?

You can hire mini diggers from Kelsey Plant Hire for anything from one day to three months. The hire rates vary depending on the size or type of digger. A single day’s hire will cost 50% of the full hire rate, two day’s hire (or a weekend) costs 75% of the full hire rate. For a 3 day hire the cost is 100%, and then from this, if you need to, you can continue the hire to a total of seven days at no extra charge. Every day that a mini excavator remains on hire beyond a full seven days will then cost you just 20% per working day.

It’s important to remember that we won’t end the hire and collect our digger automatically as you may still be using it. So all we will need you to do is give us a call on the same day that you are finished with it and we will calculate your charges up to that point.

8) Will I need insurance?

The short answer is yes. If you are a business customer the chances are that you have you own ‘Hired-in plant’ insurance already, but if you haven’t your broker can easily add it to your ‘Contractor’s’ policy. If you hire plant machinery regularly this won’t cost you very much but could protect you from nasty costly, surprises should anything go wrong.

If you don’t have your own insurance don’t worry because Kelsey Plant Hire will provide you with a Loss/Damage Waiver to protect you from any losses. Costing just 15% of the hire charges the waiver is very quick and easy to set up and can remain in place to cover you for all your future hires.

As Kelsey Plant Hire are now official Avant Hire Partners in Sussex and Surrey. Strategically based between London, Gatwick airport and the South Coast, we have now added the Avant 750 to our machinery hire range.

This is a very powerful, versatile little handler. The Avant is an articulated four-wheeled handler which can run any number of attachments with it’s high-flow auxillary hydraulics. It comes with a telescopic boom as standard and can be hired with grass tyres or all-terrain tyres to suit your working conditions.

When you’re working in a tight spot you’ll find that the Avant is just the machine you need. With quick and easy attachment changeover you’ll get the job done in no time. The Avant 750 is 1350mm wide, 2100mm high, weighs just 1910kg, with a lifting height to 3 metres and a maximum lifting capacity of 1400kg. To give you an idea of how useful this clever little machine really is take a look at these examples of attachment uses:

Buckets and material handling – Property maintenanceGroundcareLandscapingDigging & Construction Farming

We hold various attachments, already in our fleet, ready for hire.

Please contact us now on 01403 249125 if you would like to enquire about hiring this machine.

Kelsey Plant Hire are consistently trying to improve their service and the areas of Sussex they offer their machinery to. We are really happy to provide plant machinery hire in Brighton and Hove and consistently receive enquiries in and around this area – normally through referrals from other satisfied customers, as well as repeat business.

Plant Machinery Hire in BrightonIf you are looking for mini digger hire and are based in and around Brighton and Hove then we can help! Perhaps along with this, you may be needing dumper hire or maybe roller hire to complete the job? Or if the construction work and project you are working on is larger, then you may be needing a telehandler, of which we have many sizes depending on the height of your work. Forklifts, as well as digger hire are always in great demand and we consistently have many in stock for those last minute projects that may need extra machinery hire.

We hire out ranges of all our machinery – with dumpers ranging from compact tracked dumpers for those smaller domestic jobs through to 6 tonne dumpers.

For digger hire, we have the smallest micro or doorway diggers that can really get through tight spaces and smaller areas, to the 8 tonne diggers that have superior hydraulic performance, giving you assurance of precise control as well as cost effectiveness for your work.

Plant Machinery Hire in BrightonRollers are used for the completion and finish of many projects. From smaller domestic landscaping to road repairs of car parks or sports and play grounds. We have three different sizes to accommodate your construction project.

Lifting a maximum load of 1300kgs is our 1.3 tonne forklift, raising to a maximum height of 2.66m, making it versatile machinery for whatever the size project you are working on. If you need to go larger though, then choose from one of our telehandlers, ranging up to a telescopic boom of 14m.

As well as all of these products, we will advise you of any further additional smaller items you may need, as well as making suggestions as to what may fit better for successful completion of your project.

Plant Machinery Hire in BrightonOffering our plant machinery hire in Brighton and Hove means we have to provide really good quality products that come well serviced and ready for work. £100 Cashback Guarantee at Kelsey Plant HireUnlike any of our competitors we are prepared to offer a reassuring 2 stage guarantee on any equipment you hire from us. We will give you up to £100 cash if we exceed maximum response times as detailed in our cashback terms and conditions.

Please take a look through our fully informative website and when you are ready, please call us on 01403 249125 to make your booking. Don’t forget, even though we are based in Horsham, we will deliver the plant machinery hire in Brighton and Hove as well as the surrounding areas in East Sussex.

We look forwarding to hearing from you…