Plant Hire

As a plant hire company we are in a service industry providing quality machinery and attachments of various sizes for use on short term and long term projects for contractors and individuals. Plant hire is a relatively new industry mostly taking off in the 80’s when plant hire companies were primarily family-owned. Since this time the industry has seen a huge increase in national companies with multi-million pound turnovers.

In the past many large building companies owned and operated their own plant for use on their own sites. But in more recent times when contractors have needed to demonstrate higher levels of profit compared with capital invested they have moved towards the hiring of plant with its inherent advantages. Less immobilised capital means better cash flow and more flexible cost control. Also, maintenance, transportation and regulations compliance are the responsibility of the plant hire company thus further improving cost savings for the contractor.

Kelsey Plant Hire was established in 1994 and was born from exactly one such large building company shedding their capital burden. We are still a ‘family’ owned business and with our close-knit team you will find that we still operate with an emphasis on traditional family values such as; respect, responsibility, honesty, trust, communication and belonging. These values are extended to you, our customers (and suppliers), and for that reason we excel in professional customer service and satisfaction.

We believe that we have the edge over the huge impersonal, multi-faceted national plant hire companies and we’re on your doorstep. Come and join our club!