Fully Electric 1.7 Tonne Mini Digger

Fully Electric Battery Operated Micro Digger Rental

Fully Electric 1.7 Tonne Mini Digger

All the same power as a standard diesel machine but, without noise or exhaust fumes.

On-board rechargeable batteries.

This eco-friendly little machine can be operated either by its latest technology lithium-ion batteries alone or whilst connected to the mains. The batteries can be recharged overnight using the regular mains supply (110-230V, 16A) and it’s also possible to use high voltage power for quicker recharging.

Due to the zero tail swing of the Wacker Neuson EZ17e, the operator can work in close proximity to walls or in confined spaces without fear of damage or contact, as the back end of the electric excavator works within the width of it’s undercarriage.

Comparing the EZ17e electric mini digger to the standard diesel model, all performance and hydraulic functions are the same. Even the machine’s weight is comparable to the diesel version as the battery is integrated within the existing engine compartment.

The EZ17e is ideal for use in tunnelling, demolition and renovation work in narrow spaces or for interior restorations when a powerful zero exhaust emissions machine with compact dimensions is required.

When choosing between the compact hybrid Takeuchi mini excavators and the EZ17e it should be noted that the EZ17e will need recharging but, in operation, it does not require 3 phase power and operates without the need for slightly more restricting power cables.

Features and Benefits of the Fully Electric Wacker Neuson EZ17e

  • The same digging power as a standard diesel machine
  • Lithium-ion batteries of the latest technology installed in the rear
  • Integrated charger – charging possible using any regular or high voltage power outlet
  • Power capability for an entire working day
  • Extended range of applications: interior, emissions- and noise-restricted areas such as inner cities and residential areas
  • Zero tail swing excavator for working in confined areas, close to walls and other restrictions
  • No worries about diesel spills
  • Lower carbon footprint


So if you’re project is anywhere on the UK mainland and you’re looking at electric micro digger hire, including our Fully Electric 1.7 Tonne Mini Digger rental then please call us now on 01403 249 125 or email us for a quote.

What else do you need?

When booking your fully electric 1.7 Tonne Mini Digger Hire, don’t forget we can include those few extras you may need that we also stock and hire:

  • Hydraulic breaker
  • Additional 3-phase cabling 25m to 150m maximum.
  • Fully electric emission free skip loading 1 tonne or 1.5 tonne dumpers
  • Electric Compactor Plates

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