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Kelsey’s Electric Range of Plant Machinery is Growing…

Kelsey Plant Hire are at the forefront of the plant hire industry. Having an already established company with our diesel machines, we also took the big step to start hiring electric machines. And now we have also started to introduce electric compacter plates. Diesel plant machinery is only hired out to customers within a estimated 25 radius of where we are based. There are lots of plant hire companies in the UK, so we don’t feel the need to expand this at the moment. Although we are often asked about hire further afield. But electric machines are offered for hire right across the UK. Due to the fact that they are growing in popularity, but not many companies actually hold them in stock. This means our demand is vast and all these machines will now be seen as far as Scotland, Cornwall or Wales.

Today, companies and projects are coming under increasing pressure to consider the environment. With reduced carbon footprints, less harmful emissions and lower noise pollution. We can provide you with solutions to these problems.We know that electric powered, emission free equipment is the way forward. So we are committed to continually adding to our hire fleet, as new electrically powered machines enter the market.

Hell Fire Caves, Electric Micro Digger Hire

Electric Digger Hire

We’ve invested in many hybrid electric Takeuchi mini and micro diggers, which are proving extremely popular. Takeuchi, renowned for reliability and performance, have produced these ‘user friendly’ high performing hybrid diesel / electric mini excavators. Capable of at least as many hours work as the diggers themselves and with absolutely no loss of digging power.

Our electric diggers can be used anywhere but are ideal in enclosed and tight spaces.  With zero emissions and low noise, this means that the health of your workers will not be compromised, when being operated indoors.

Electric Dumper Hire

Brioche Pasquier Factory, Electric Micro Digger HireOur fully electric dumpers are cutting edge technology designed and manufactured in Ireland by Ecovolve. They are able to operate indoors and outside. They run off rechargeable batteries, capable of a full shift on just an 8 hour overnight charge. Giving off no noise, zero emissions and are highly maneuverable. Having hi-tip, skip loading ability, they are ideal for places where there is high footfall.

Truxta Bendie

Kelsey Plant Hire offer 3 types of electric dumper hire. The TRUXTA BENDie electric powered mini dumper or powered wheel barrow offers an all purpose machine with a choice of attachments. You can choose to have either a 300kg skip to get through minimum 720mm doorways. Or the 450kg skip to fit through minimum 850mm access. Alternatively the electric Truxta can be used with its forward tipping flat bed to transport 450kg of materials into and around site.

Hi-Tip Dumpers

Our all electric skip loading dumpers, both 1 tonne and 1.5 tonne, are perfectly suited for work indoors without creating any air or noise pollution. These versatile dumpers can also be used outside, providing that the terrain is solid and gradients do not exceed 15 degrees.

Ideal for use in buildings such as hospitals, processing or operating centres, transport hubs, where they cannot be closed while work continues.

Electric Compactor Plates

Electric Compactor PlatesThe electric compactor plate we now hire to our customers are heavyweight professional compactor plates with excellent performance and travel speed. They have been designed with an environmentally friendly electric motor for use indoors and poorly ventilated areas. As they are a small unit, these plates are the only electric machine that we do not hire on a nationwide basis.

Please get in touch with Kelsey Plant Hire if you have a need for an electric vehicle for hire. Whether it is for indoor use, or where there are many people continuously working, or perhaps you just want to work with electric. Please call our hiredesk on 01403 249 125, send us an email, or make an enquiry through our contact form.

Electric vehicles are really growing in popularity. Both for cars and vans, but also for plant machinery hire. We look forward to helping you with your project.


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