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The Benefits of our New Electric Diggers

In our last news post, we introduced our growing number of electric plant machinery available for hire. We’d now like to explain all the reasons you might want to choose electric diggers over diesel alternatives. We are one of the few plant hire companies in the UK who have started to introduce electric machinery of which we are very proud.

With more and more pressure for companies to consider the environment in their building projects; switching to an electric alternative of machinery, including diggers and dumpers are a good way to help reduce your carbon footprint.

We have a range of different sized diggers that would easily suit a range of different projects. For smaller projects, we have the 1.3 Tonne Electric Micro Digger available, which easily fits through doorways and can work in enclosed spaces.

Hybrid Electric Mini Diggers

For larger projects, we have the fully electric 1.7-tonne mini digger, and the JCB 19C-1 ETEC 1.9 Tonne Fully Electric Mini Excavator available for rental. All of these diggers can offer the same great advantages over their diesel counterparts and are available for hire right across the UK, both for short term and long term lease.

Environmentally Friendly Diggers

Our range of electric mini diggers and diggers have a lower carbon footprint to diesel alternatives. These diggers are powered by an on-board rechargeable battery which is completely maintenance-free. There’s also no compromise on power. Our diggers offer the same power as a standard diesel engine, but without the bad emissions.

With these electric diggers, there’s also no worry about diesel spills on-site, which causes further issues with site safety.

Being environmentally friendly also means they have an extended range of applications. They can be used in zero-emission zones such as inner cities and residential areas which is a fantastic benefit and is creating lots of interest.

Longlasting, Rechargeable Electric Diggers

The batteries can be recharged overnight using the regular mains supply (110-230V, 16A). For quicker recharging, you can also use high-voltage power outlets to get you going quicker.

These batteries can last for a full working day and carry out the same shifts as diesel diggers.

Working in Restricted Areas

Electric diggers are incredibly quiet, meaning they are permitted to work in noise-restricted spaces. Some construction sites have noise-restrictions as they are in residential areas, so using one of these can be incredibly useful in this type of project.

Electric Diggers

Working in enclosed and interior spaces with electric diggers will also not compromise the health of your construction workers on-site. Our diggers do not affect the air quality. They also have a zero tail swing excavator for working in confined areas indoors or close to walls. Which means that our new electric diggers can do much more and go much further than diesel diggers.

Electric Digger Delivery Across the UK

Our Diesel plant machinery is only hired out to customers within an estimated 25 radius of where we are based in Sussex. There are lots of plant hire companies in the UK, so we don’t feel the need to expand at the moment.

However, our electric diggers are offered for hire right across the UK. Due to the fact that they are growing in popularity. Very few companies actually hold them in stock. Our high demand for Electric Diggers means we will now be seen as far as Scotland, Cornwall or Wales.

So if you’re in the UK and need an electric digger for your construction project, contact us!

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